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Why it’s Important to see a wedding photographer’s full wedding gallery

I’ll let you in on a little secret – what you see on your local wedding photographer’s instagram is just a tiny glimpse of a wedding day. We have hundreds and hundreds of more images to share that will truly give you an idea of how your wedding day will be documented. Weddings have ever changing moments, that surely keep us on our toes, that determine the outcome of a wedding gallery; Things like good ‘ol Florida weather, available lighting in rooms, staying on course of the wedding day timeline. Even so, with the changing moments and conditions, you will see some consistencies within the galleries.

A full gallery shows it alllll. All of the moments throughout the day in beautifully lit rooms, or sometimes windowless rooms, in the bright sunshine, or in the shade, in a well-lit reception space, or limited lighting. But one thing that stays consistent is the WAY the photographer captures the day.

Are there a lot of true, story-telling images? Do you see photos of Gam Gam (Nana, GMA, Mema, whatever you call her 😆) crying during the ceremony? Do you see the guests having fun with the couple?

Do the couples + Wedding Party look like they belong on a glam magazine? Are the couples posed like models?

Swoon Worthy Wedding Images

A list of wedding day shots to look for in a full wedding gallery:

  • Editorial Shots/Posed
  • Reactions/Emotional
  • Details
  • Family Formals
  • Big Moments like the first kiss, first dance, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, cake cutting, speeches, exits

Keep this in mind – no wedding is the same, but knowing what to look for during the shopping process will make it easier on you to confidently make the investment.

A wedding highlight vs A full wedding gallery

What expectations do you have for your wedding day?

happy couple on their wedding day laughing while wlaking





Lush garden wedding in the heart of Winter Park, Florida

Tanya + ryan 

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