✓ A love of spontaneous, vibrant, unexpected moments that become the best memories from your wedding day

✓ Passion for capturing your sass, joy, and love

✓ A borderline obsession with “I now pronounce you ____ + ____” first kisses


I’m your Jacksonville wedding photographer specializing in those candid, magical moments that happen when you least expect them (and don’t even see me in the background with my camera!). My obsession is sharing your journey through meaningful candids that depicts your love story with authenticity, joy, and contagious energy. (Seriously, don’t get me started on how excited I get about surprise engagements & wedding day moments!)

I’m a manager of 4 (me, my two littles and Phoebe) and former HR administrator who believes in raising your face to the sunset and smiling at the extraordinary beauty of the everyday. A sunset walks & sparklers on 4th of July kind of alive. In my business, I’m a mover & shaker, self-care advocate, proactive about everything but the laundry ;), and believer that the best version of you begins when you quiet your mind & nurture yourself.

Not even kidding when I say that I work with freaking awesome couples who make the journey 1000% WORTH IT. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve cried, laughed, and aww-ed behind the lens. Your moments mean THAT MUCH to me.

Your wedding day hype girl
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Hi, love! 


When my Navy brother couldn’t make it to my wedding, he gifted me a camera so I could capture those special moments even if he couldn’t be there. After a honeymoon full of photo-taking, my boss asked me to capture an award ceremony for an appreciated employee. While he knew his family would be there, little did he know his elementary-school daughter would be the one to read a speech about how much she appreciated him. Of course, he bawled his eyes out during this special moment.

When the photos came back, he was thankful I captured the tears of joy in the moment. That’s the spark of joy that lead to my first portrait sessions and weddings. Soon after, I left HR for good to pursue the candid moments & human connection made possible by photography. 

It all started with a gift.

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Documenting the moments that hit


You’ll have some pre-wedding countdown photos for your Instagram & a date where I tag along!

04.                   with your partner & get to know me with an engagement session. 

I work closely with my couples + production team (wedding planners, hair/makeup artists), so you can enjoy your wedding + trust that things will be taken care of. 

03.                     the stress of planning out your wedding photography.

You tell me what moments matter to you, and we’ll capture them together. We don’t need a shot list to know what works best for your day!

02.                                        about providing
a laundry list of shots.

 I’m here to capture the priceless moments, the can’t help but smile at you two kisses and glances that you just know equals love. That means creating a balance between capturing those meaningful moments as they unfold while also guiding you through those portraits your family will undoubtedly hang on the living room wall.

01.                      posed photos out the window. 







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